Coconut Products

We offer a broad range of coconut ingredients to provide our customers with specialty coconut solutions used in applications including pastries, cakes, confectionery, beverages, ice cream, cereals, candies, biscuits, meals and much more.

DESICCATED COCONUT   GEM® Desiccated Coconut (extra fine, fine/macaroon, medium, coarse, fancy shred, chips) | Golden Toasted® Coconut (niblets, medium, fine/macaroon, flakes, shred, rice cut, slice)

SPECIALTY COCONUT   Tender Fresh® White Sweetened Coconut (flakes, tender flakes, fancy shred, medium shred) | Coconut Concentrate | Coconut Cream | Spray Dried Coconut | Coconut Water (Single Strength, Concentrated)

Food and Beverage